Sunday, August 31, 2014

Woof.... Sunday!



I am scared of animals.... specially dogs and cats. I never liked them, I am freaking out just about the idea that I have to be near one! 
Please don't leave comments like you can get over this .... my family tried, friends tried.... I am a hopeless case. My grandparents had dogs and they freaked just when they had a look at me! 
In their minds I must have been the screaming and  jumping lady with an almost perfect moonwalk in panic.
One time the dog escaped from the back garden and ran directly towards me. I did not see him,  had just a feeling, got up and there he was. 5kg of terror in front of me. 
I screamed and got on top of the chair. As this was not enough I had to climb on the table. Still screaming the poor dog, freaked out and ran directly into the wheel of the parked car. 
Don't worry he made it... just got a bit dizzy! 

Anyway even at uni all my friends made fun of it and knew I react crazy seeing me in action around a dog. Every time I enter a classroom they played the very famous song... Who let the dogs out?! by Baha Men.  


There are many more stories like that but I don't want to ruin your Sunday!
I actually don't know how it started, but I started to get a few orders on pet illustrations. Custom pet illustrations. So I guess this is a kind of therapy.... 
How it works? I get an email from a very lovely person asking to illustrate the beloved pet and give a fashion touch.... 
I look at the photo and try to make it work.... and sometimes it works like in the illustration above!
At the moment I have been approached to illustrate a few more fashionable dogs.....
So bring it on and will illustrate your pet as well...... c'est la vie I guess

Carpe Diem, 
Happy Sunday!

Friday, August 29, 2014

MTV Award 2014..... Surprises

The MTV Awards are always something I am waiting for. As a fashion designer this is the dream.... You can go crazy, it's MTV.... 
And this year were some surprises.... good ones and bad ones! 
Miley you rock! This Alexandre Vauthier bandeau leather pants is gorgeous. Perfect for a young, diva in the music business. 

Rita Volk rocking a lace dress....
It's MTV so rock it, but I'm not sure about the V at the crotch area. But I'm a sucker for lace!
I would have changed the clutch. 

Jennifer..... you rock in Versace.... I know this dress  has way tooooo many splits and cuts but Jennifer's can rock it. If you have a great body at 42 show it! 

Beyonce.... Gorgeous in the black lace dress. The full cover up dress is funky, rocking and chic at the same time. 

Rita Ora ..... it kinda reminds be a bit of Marilyn Monroe in this dress..... It looks good and she can wear it just fine. The Donna Karan dress is fabulous. 

Gwen Stefani wearing a candy pink L.A.M.B. She wears all the time rocking outfits and I was kinda expecting a bit more rock! But she looks great. 

Kendall Jenner is tall, young and can wear almost everything. Not many people can rock a wide-leg suit. 
Note*: If you want to wear  wide leg pants, make sure you are al least 1.70m -otherwise stay away! 

Taylor Swift.... to me it's a YES and NO at the same time. Love the fabric and the colour. It's wonderful that the sleeves are long and she has the body to wear it. I'm not into the shoes and believe a golden heel would be perfect for it. 

Demi Lavato in Lanvin rocking a gorgeous red dress. 
Note* When you have a red dress, and golden heels, a red clutch might be a bit much. I am not saying you should match the clutch to the heel ( but I love the traditional fashion style matching clutch with heel)specially when you are at the MTV Awards but another colour would have been really funky.  

Nicky Minaj.... I actually love it. It's funky and looks great on her. Perfect dress for such an event. 
But did you expected something else from her? I was thinking something more rocking and edgy... It's MTV and you are Nicky Minaj! Rock it - be naughty! This is almost toooooooooooooo shy! 
Note* SMILE! 

 Kim.... wearing Balmain. Kim you are short! I love Balmain but this is not great on you. The sleeves are large on you and drag you down. Show what your mama gave you and let us see your curvy figure. Rock the hips and don't squeeze them into  this mini! I love your heels but they make your leg shorter!
Note* If you have short legs, wear a heel that does not come up to your ankle! It looks like you cut it off and it ruins the whole look. 
This dress is more a runway dress and the inspiration were folk designs. When you think Kim Kardashian you don't think FOLK and TRADITION!
Sorry guys I am just giving you the abc's of fashion. 
Her stylist should have told her!

Solange.... I normally love her looks on all red carpets but this one does not work for me.Gorgeous heels, and pants, but the jacket is ...... well I don't need to look for words...

Oh Amber Rose.... I believe she could have been a bit more creative. She is so gorgeous but this dress reminds me toooooooooo much of ... look on the right! The chain dress has a better but but still.It's like something is missing. I believe that something with leather underneath would have been great. 
But I have to say the back of the dress looks better! 

Rihanna... are you serious??!! A luxurious bathrobe for the MTV awards?
Very disappointing. 
Did you expected more? I did for sure! 

Katy Perry.... Same here I expected more! The homage on Britney Spears..... but c'mon! 
It's MTV.... all she did is to remind us of a stupid look! 
You could have rocked so many outfits! Why?!

And now some guys to be fair! 
Usher.... He always looks great but I love him in a suit. 

The Hoff... He is always looking great on the red carpet. Way to go David! 
Love the blue! Black is sometimes tooooooooooo much! 

And how can I close this post without mentioning Conan O'Brien!?
He just makes you smile... but I like that subliminal message in this outfit!  

What were your surprises at the MTV Awards 2014?

Carpe Diem,

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Emmy Awards... oh yes & are you kidding me?

And yes it was time for the Emmy Awards again and the best and worst list are galore on the world wide web! 

Every time I watch the red carpet I think oh yes..... finally a great one... and there is the moment when I take a bite of a snack almost choke and think.... are you kidding me!????

Here are some of my OH, YES dresses and some of my ARE YOU KIDDING ME MOMENTS! 

Perfection like a goddess!

Heidi looks good in almost everything! 

Lovely.... I have been watching her and she gets better and better with each award! 

It's interesting and creative! Love the structural design. 

Very classic vintage look! 

Kathrine Heigel's dress reminds me of the golden era, so a definitely  OH, YES from me. 

And now the not so pleasant for the eye moments....

Are you kidding me?!!!?

Don;t get me wrong... but if you have $$$$ and the world is at your feet, try at least to look good. Get a stylist, look in the f...... mirror!

If Lena Duham had a stylist for this outfit, this person needs to go back to fashion school! 
Don't worry I am not turning into Joan Rivers here, but c'mon! 

If you are short don;t ever wear a skirt that makes you look shorter,  larger, and that does not look good on you. The top is completely wrong and does not fit the occasion. If your upper arms are not toned, this is not the blouse for you! 

Oh dear Christina Hendricks, you a so beautiful lady.... are you kidding me in this outfit?
Wrinkled, ill fitted and simply wrong! Shoulder, bust line and hem..... disaster zones! 
Who ever designed the dress, the pleats are poor work! 

By trade I'm a fashion designer so I know what I am talking about and when I see dresses like that, my heart simply cringes. 
Yes, taste and opinions are unique and can;t be discussed, but remember one thing! Not every dress fits your body! 
Dress for your body!  

What are you favourite dresses from the Emmy Awards and what were your are you kidding me moments?

Carpe Diem, 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Little Cinematography....

E voilà, my first little Cinematography....
I am creating a one of a kind necklace. The technique is ancient and is called Romanian Point Lace
In the little cinematography I create the simple bar. 

If you want to learn Romanian Point Lace and are in Brisbane, feel free to contact me. 
MY next workshop is at Yarn Glorious Yarn

Carpe Diem!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Chat...

  1. 1.
    casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details which are not confirmed as true.
    "he became the subject of much local gossip"
    synonyms:tittle-tattletattle, rumour(s), whispers, stories, tales, canards, titbits;More
  1. 1.
    engage in gossip.
    "they would start gossiping about her as soon as she left"
    synonyms:spread rumours, spread gossip, circulate rumours, spread stories,tittle-tattletattletalkwhisper, tell tales, muckrake; More

What do you think about my Sunday Chat- Gossip Illustration!?
Card illustration available in my Society6 Store

Carpe Diem! 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Answer to the fun game....

I was asking you in my  last blogspot what I was making!
Well .... it's a tomato chilli jam!

The secret ingredient.... DATES!

Thank you all for the great answers and the funky ideas! 


PS: Stay tuned for the next fun game challenge on my instagram @balearaitzdesigns! 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

What am I making?..... Fun game

Hello :) 

Today something else! 
A fun game! 

Tell me.... What am I making!?

Take a look at the ingredients and let me know what you think is is that I make. 

If you are the first one to give the right answer in the comment box, you can win a 40% OFF in one of my etsy stores! 

If you are luck to find the secret ingredient in the second picture below, you will receive a 10% OFF BONUS! 
Total 50% OFF!

Hurry up and good luck! 
PS: You can participate only once! 
This fun game  is on Instagram as well - Share with your friends and good luck! 

Carpe Diem