Saturday, September 13, 2014

Colour trends for 2015

When it comes to colours I like them all and I am fascinated by all. You probably see it in my Illustrations  that I use a lot of colours. When it comes to my Accessories yes I follow some trends and do some items on request with specific colours. 

Do you follow the colour trends every season? 

If yes, what do you follow, the whole  palette for the season  or just a few ?

I am glad to see that lime is back on the trend palette for 2015. 
I am in love with this colour this year! 


Thursday, September 11, 2014

September Issue 2014

 One of my favourite magazines, is Vogue and I am sure you all know, that the September Issue is one of the most important the exiting publication.

UK Vogue

Cara Delevingne

Paris Cover : Natalia Vodianova

And now my favourite Vogue of all time 
Vogue Japan. 
Vogue Japan has a beautiful and special cover this September!
All the beautiful Supermodel! 
The editorial is called: The Icons of perfection. 

Check out these editorial shots! 

Who is your favourite?
Claudia rocks! 

Carpe Diem

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Time for coffee and lace

Life is sometimes so simple. A cup of good coffee and a gorgeous colour is sometimes just enough to start your day.
Be creative enjoy your mornings they have an effect on you for the rest of the day.

You ask how to style it?

Carpe Diem��
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Friday, September 5, 2014

Can we talk?..... RIP Joan Rivers

Can we talk?.....
I guess this line will always make me remember Joan
Sadly one of my favourite comedians passed away Joan Rivers.
To honour her I created this fashion illustration to celebrate her life, her uniqueness , her style and fashion sense.

Fashion Police will never be the same without her.... and I don;t think that she can be replaced. 

Carpe Diem, 


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Lesson of time.....

This is the first post of that kind on this blog and I hope that it will not be necessary to write another one like that.
Let me introduce you to somebody special.
 In 2008 New Zealand fashion week I  met a girl her name is Briana Lamb. She is a force of nature. Unfortunately Briana had a car accident and has now a long way to recovery.
You can follow her story on Facebook.
Like her friends form the US I am trying to help.
There is a donation fund established for her Please read on the link more.....

I will donate the next 5 SALES from my Illustration shop!
So if you ever wanted something form my Art shop, now is the time to do something good as well. Help, share, and donate!

Even if you don't need something from my shop, please make sure you  donate and help a stranger in need.

Life is short and a precious gift, be helpful, generous and kind. Good deeds will return to you!

Thank you very much for every share and donation! I will thank you with an additional gift from the shop! 
Always remember that you did something good, that will return to you! Helping somebody in need is the best you can do to keep humanity grounded! 

Carpe Diem!

XOXO Lorena 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Coffee and Lace make my day.....

A good cup of coffee is not daily on my wake up ritual but it's something I enjoy. 
Since we have a Nespresso machine we truly enjoy a good cup of freshly brewed coffee. 
Before I start to work on my Romanian Point Lace or my Illustrations

a good experimental cup is essential! 

Here is my little coffee recipe! 

Pick your favourite Nespresso capsule! 
I'm a sucker for Livanto....

In a  fine espresso glass, place a dash of ghee and condensed milk. 
Let it settle and stir carefully. 
Now let the Nespresso machine do it's beautiful magic. 

Try it! 
Do you experiment when it comes to coffee?
What is your coffee recipe?

Carpe diem


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Woof.... Sunday!



I am scared of animals.... specially dogs and cats. I never liked them, I am freaking out just about the idea that I have to be near one! 
Please don't leave comments like you can get over this .... my family tried, friends tried.... I am a hopeless case. My grandparents had dogs and they freaked just when they had a look at me! 
In their minds I must have been the screaming and  jumping lady with an almost perfect moonwalk in panic.
One time the dog escaped from the back garden and ran directly towards me. I did not see him,  had just a feeling, got up and there he was. 5kg of terror in front of me. 
I screamed and got on top of the chair. As this was not enough I had to climb on the table. Still screaming the poor dog, freaked out and ran directly into the wheel of the parked car. 
Don't worry he made it... just got a bit dizzy! 

Anyway even at uni all my friends made fun of it and knew I react crazy seeing me in action around a dog. Every time I enter a classroom they played the very famous song... Who let the dogs out?! by Baha Men.  


There are many more stories like that but I don't want to ruin your Sunday!
I actually don't know how it started, but I started to get a few orders on pet illustrations. Custom pet illustrations. So I guess this is a kind of therapy.... 
How it works? I get an email from a very lovely person asking to illustrate the beloved pet and give a fashion touch.... 
I look at the photo and try to make it work.... and sometimes it works like in the illustration above!
At the moment I have been approached to illustrate a few more fashionable dogs.....
So bring it on and will illustrate your pet as well...... c'est la vie I guess

Carpe Diem, 
Happy Sunday!